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Erstwhile Border Morris

Former traditions adapting to the times.

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Erstwhile. Meaning 'from a former time'. It comes from the Old English words aer, meaning 'early', and hwil,  meaning 'while'  or 'period of time'. 

We strive to reignite the dancing of a former time. We aim to celebrate the roots of dance.

We are a fun and welcoming mixed side and we welcome anyone who enjoys celebrating ancient traditions and making firm friends; regardless of age, ethnicity, ability or gender. As a side we promote and stand for inclusivity in all forms. 

We practise every couple weeks and dance out regularly throughout the year!  

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Upcoming events 

Plough Day, St Martins Bullring - 6th Jan
Upton Folk Festival - 3rd - 5th May 
Bradford upon Avon Festival - 11th May

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'For a different feel, Erstwhile Border Morris showed us that dance doesn't have to be handkerchiefs and bells. Big sticks and lots of intricate choreography marked them out as something out of the ordinary and very exciting.' @FATEA

'I was delighted to see the return of Erstwhile Border Morris - who most definitely form a significant part of the more fashionable elements of Morris dancing. There's no hanky waving or tinnitus inducing bell-pads here... But a plethora of big sticks, rag jackets, Doc Martens and high energy movements which quite frankly looked more exhausting than a HIIT session at your local gym, but was definitely more entertaining.' @atthebarrier 


Moon Jera - our first Morris Beast 

'Jera' is the Old English name for the rune that represents the harvest and cycles of nature. 
This soothing soul symbolises the cycle of the seasons and the inflow and outflow of the lands rhythms. She also represents the rhythms of sleep, night and day, the heartbeat, the breath and the dance 🦋
See if you can catch a glimpse of her at our next dance out!  

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Ragged Bear Festival fun 🦋


Cathryn - Erstwhile Squire 


Morris history is not always clear, but some think clashing together sticks (same as hankies and bells) where used to ward off evil spirits 🌚 they certainly help us bring the energy! 


We love our fabulous musicians! Jon is our lead musician and has been with us since the beginning. 


In a past of harsh winters, struggling labourers would dance and busk for their supper, even travelling to other villages and towns to get by. Shrouded faces and ragged jackets would disguise the wearer from recognition should the noisy mayhem and begging lead to some local 'misunderstandings'! 

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New members of all ages welcome! 

We practice on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month 7-9pm and would love to see you there. 

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Get in Touch

If you're interested in joining us, have any questions about what we do or would like to enquire about booking us for an event, please get in touch - we would love to hear from you! 

Feckenham Village Hall, High Street, Feckenham  B96 6HN


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